30 Day Challenge

Are YOU interested in...

- Losing Weight

- Learning how to eat a Balanced Meal even on the go
- Increasing your energy levels
- Gaining muscle
- Toning Up
- Living a Healthier & Happier life
- Challenging yourself
- Learning how to workout 

If you answered Yes to 1 of these things, then this Challenge for you!

You will have Access to 30 Days of Unlimited Functional Fitness, HIIT, Yoga, Yoga Stretch, Hammock Yoga & Mobility Classes, with our 30 Day Nutrition Restart!  You will be provided with a Food List and portion sizes.  You will weigh in, take measurements, before and after photos on day 1 and 31.  We will be here for you every step of the way!

Exercise— is good for your body and mind!

Whether for a longer, healthier life, cardiovascular health, losing weight, toning up, building muscle, or trying something new, working out can bring about an amazing transformation to your overall life.

But I know it's always easier said than done. That is why we created this 30-day Total Body & Mind Challenge.

A fitness challenge that introduces exercise and healthy eating into your life.

This 30-day Challenge was created by our fitness experts to help you kick start your fitness, improve your health, transform your body and mind or teach you how to workout for your body.

Challenge yourself, learn to know your limits and pace yourself as needed to stay safe and injury-free. 

You'll see improvements in your strength, body shape, heart health, and even measurements & weight when you exercise consistently and gradually up your challenge, while learning and understand what a balanced meal is for you.

This challenge was designed to challenge you but also to build your strength as you progress over the 30 day period, so you will have enough strength to complete the challenge at the end.

The perfect workout is one that's do-able, but also manages to make you feel like a complete badass.

Since before our foundation, our primary goal has been to help people and transform our members. We believe that health & fitness is a lifestyle habit and begins with a lifestyle change. That change requires hard work and commitment. There isn’t a place where this philosophy is more relevant than it is in our 30 Day Challenge.  It’s our challenge to you – and your challenge to yourself.

Every workout is professionally written by our movement specialist. You’ll join an interactive community of our current members, that range from all different ages and physical activity levels, who are looking to better themselves. You’ll be encouraged to share your results and know that you took your fitness into their own hands and made amazing progress.

We Want to HELP you live longer, healthier lives!

Improve YOUR Quality of Life,  because There's no limit to what YOU can do.

Live your Happier and Healthier Life Now!

Price is $125 (that is a savings of $100)


success stories...


Jenn Chilek… Y'all, this works. When I did the restart with Beverly I lost pounds and inches which is great but more importantly I lost the achy knees and joints that I thought was just a by product of age. They went away when I stayed away from aspartame & other things that you'll learn about when you sign up for the 30 day challenge and restart. It's worth it because it works!

Jen lost a total of 6.7lbs and 9 1/4" ! She incorporated the Functional Fitness, HIIT & Hammock Yoga for her amazing results!   


Pat... I'm speechless. Right now I am in shock. I never had any thought of losing weight. I had accepted that my life was going to be "limited" so to speak. I resolved and gave in to my limitations from my back and you two have turned my life upside down and rattled my thinking. Blew out my acceptance and have made me want more. More me and more life. Words are cheap and I love yous are free. But when I say I love you , it is worth my entire life. Thank you Jimmy and Beverly for saving me.

Pat lost a total of 17lbs and 10 1/4" and counting!  She attends our Functional Fitness classes and an occasional Yoga class when her schedule allows.


Charlotte... "I started with small changes and adding exercise in daily. I needed to lose a few pounds to make it easier to walk, after 2 back surgeries, and this Challenge was easy to follow for this 83 year old woman. It was really interesting just how much I learned about food and myself. I know what to do and how to eat when I travel now."

Charlotte lost a total of 15lbs and 8 1/2".  She added in small movements of exercise and stretching daily. 

Are YOU ready for a Challenge?

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