- Personal Training -

One-on-One Personal Training provides you with personal attention from your trainer/coach. It is ideal for those looking to receive the maximum benefit from their training time and for those with more specialized needs/goals. Your Trainer will provide a custom fitness program that is the fastest way to achieve your individual goals, tailored to your interests. 

 This is a great starting point if it’s the first time you have ever stepped foot in a gym or you are an experienced athlete looking to maximize your time in the gym.

- Mobility Sessions -

 Work one-on-one with a coach to help you understand the definition and importance of mobility and teach you how to integrate some mobility techniques into a training regimen. The techniques you will learn are applicable across the board for anyone who participates in any type of physical activity. Each session is tailored for your specific needs.

- Yoga Sessions -

Your Private yoga sessions are carefully designed to focus on your specific needs such as alignment, core stabilization, balance, relaxation, and injury rehabilitation. Private yoga sessions are one-on-one, or may be booked as a semi-private with two or more people.

- Hammock Yoga Sessions -

Hammock yoga incorporates silk hammocks into a traditional yoga session to raise your attitude to a whole new altitude. Utilizing the hammocks can take your poses and stretches even deeper than on the mat. One-on-one sessions will be tailored to your specific needs and or wants. Hammocks are just downright fun and will make you laugh like a child again!​

*** Small group sessions available ***