- Personal Training -

One-on-One Personal Training provides you with personal attention from your trainer/coach. It is ideal for those looking to receive the maximum benefit from their training time and for those with more specialized needs/goals. Your Trainer will provide a custom fitness program that is the fastest way to achieve your individual goals, tailored to your interests. 

- Personal Mobility Sessions -

 Work one-on-one with a coach to help you understand the definition and importance of mobility and teach you how to integrate some mobility techniques into a training regimen. The techniques you will learn are applicable across the board for anyone who participates in any type of physical activity. Each session is tailored for your specific needs.

- Private Yoga Sessions -

Your Private yoga sessions are carefully designed to focus on your specific needs such as alignment, core stabilization, balance, relaxation, and injury rehabilitation. Private yoga sessions are one-on-one, or may be booked as a semi-private with two or more people.

- Private Hammock Yoga Sessions -

Hammock yoga incorporates silk hammocks into a traditional yoga session to raise your attitude to a whole new altitude. Utilizing the hammocks can take your poses and stretches even deeper than on the mat. One-on-one sessions will be tailored to your specific needs and or wants. Hammocks are just downright fun and will make you laugh like a child again!​

- In Home Training -

We bring our training to you in the comfort of your home.  

We’re redefining physical fitness by bringing the workout to you, when and where it’s convenient for you. We provide individuals with the most convenient way to get fit. We bring the workout and equipment to you. We work with you no matter what your fitness levels, regardless of ability, age, or experience.  We work with each client to establish fitness goals and create a plan to reach those goals. 

 There are no contracts or monthly fees; clients pay by the session.  We do offer discounts when you commit to a number of sessions, 5, 10 or 15 workout sessions. To reach specific personal goals you may decide to schedule workouts multiple times per week.

*** Small group sessions available ***