Good Nutrition is critical to health and wellness success. Our nutrition counseling will teach you to apply healthy habits to your daily life and how to eat normal, whole foods that is right for you.  We help you understand what food is right for you and how to make those healthy choices, whether you have to eat out regularly due to travel or just have a busy lifestyle.

We recognize that everyone is unique when it comes to nutrition. There is not a one size fits all approach to a healthy lifestyle.  We work with you and your lifestyle.  


This restart program is where we like to start everyone.  It is the perfect way to clean up your gut health and get you on the right track to making healthy choices and breaking old habits.  This Restart is ongoing.


We offer one-on-one nutrition sessions.  We do not believe in creating meal plans for you, what will you learn from someone else doing the work for you?  We provide you with a list of foods and portion sizes and help you create a plan of action that is right for you and your lifestyle.  We take before and after pictures, measurements and set goals. 

It is real food.  We do not sell shakes or supplements to you, we teach you how to eat healthy and make healthy choices.  We help you and coach you along the way, we want you to understand everything about the right nutrition for you and how to get back on track if you get off. 


 Intermittent fasting is not something unorthodox and curious, but a part of everyday life. It is perhaps the oldest and most powerful dietary intervention imaginable. Yet somehow we have forgotten its awesome power and ignored its therapeutic potential.  Learning how to fast properly gives us the option of using it or not.

Consider the term “break fast”. This refers to the meal that breaks your fast – which is done daily. Rather than being some sort of cruel and unusual punishment, the English language implicitly acknowledges that fasting should be performed daily, even if only for a short duration.   Fasting has no standard duration, as it is merely the absence of eating. Anytime that you are not eating, you are fasting. For example, you may fast between dinner and breakfast the next day, a period of approximately 12-14 hours. In that sense, fasting should be considered a part of everyday life.

At its very core, fasting simply allows the body to burn off excess body fat.  It is important to realize that this is normal and humans have evolved to fast without detrimental health consequences.  Body fat is merely food energy that has been stored away. If you don’t eat, your body will simply “eat” its own fat for energy.

Life is about balance. The good and the bad, the yin and the yang. The same applies to  eating and fasting. Fasting, after all, is simply the flip side of eating. If you are not eating, you are fasting. 

Numerous studies show that it can have powerful benefits for your body and brain. In addition to its ability to help you blast through a weight loss plateaus and burn fat, there is an impressive list of therapeutic benefits and just to mention a few help prevent Alzheimer’s, Cancer, lower your risk for Diabetes and more!

Want to learn more about Intermittent Fasting and all the benefits it has to offer you?  We can help you!

** Nutrition counseling is Free for Members**