We offer 30 - 60 minute classes that are perfect for both beginners and more seasoned yogis.


A 30 minute class designed to stretch out our bodies and areas where we normally hold tension and stress.  This class is usually done on our backs and seated.


This 60 minute restorative yoga practice is focused on improving functional flexibility, joint mobility and breath control through seated postures, dynamic flow and static stretching.  This yoga class is be far our most popular and will help balance out your weekly workouts or sports training and help get you ready to run, squat, lift, push and pull your way back into the week, with better movement and mental focus.  Appropriate for all levels.


  Hammock Yoga takes the gravity out of your practice. This specialized type of yoga is similar to yoga on your mat but uses a soft, silky hammock suspended from our rigs to aid in myofascial stretching, core strengthening, and decompressing of joints.  

In each class, your teacher will help you adjust your silk to the correct height for your body size. Classes are small (no larger than 4 students) to allow for individual instruction. 



Need to work on your yoga? Schedule a private yoga session.
All private yoga lessons are taught through therapeutic alignment principles in order to create strength, flexibility and balance throughout your system as a whole.  A private lesson offers personal attention and the opportunity for a more permanent relief of chronic pain.  

- One on one personal attention.
- Knowledge of correct alignment.
- Injury prevention.
- Understand your limits and potential in different poses.
- Chronic pain reduction and management.
- Stress management & over all well-being in a private setting.
- Knowledge of how to modify a pose for your body limitations.
- A deeper understanding of your personal yoga practice.



The ability to move freely and easily.

Mobility is one of the most overlooked and underrated components of a successful training program. We will teach you how you can be more mobile utilizing foam rollers, lacrosse balls, resistance bands, yoga blocks, PVC pipes and more. 


Work one on one with our Movement Specialist to increase your range of motion or help loosen up any tight areas.  They will teach you what can be done daily to maintain that range of motion once you get it fully where you want it or are pain free.



Set aside time in your calendar for stress relief and relaxation. We have created specialized treatments with our clients in mind, and included upgrades that many other places charge additional for. More than just a luxury, we believe massage therapy is key to your whole body wellness.

“One of the side effects of stress, anxiety or injury is holding tension somewhere. This means that the blood and tissue fluids are not circulating properly in that particular area, causing the entire body to compensate in order to find its homeostasis (balance). By receiving massage and bodywork, a person can eliminate tension in their bodies to facilitate circulation and an over all healing balance.”  

All massage sessions are customized to your specific needs. From focus on problem areas, to full body sessions, we offer a wide variety of techniques and abilities to ensure your satisfaction.

(Swedish, Therapeutic, Sports, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Aromatherapy, Infrared Heat & Cupping Therapy)

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