Deadlift clinic

Join us for an in-depth (and hands-on) workshop to teach one of the most effective (and often misused) movements in the world: The Deadlift.

When most hear the word deadlift they think of some crazy amount of weight being lifted, however, if you’ve picked up a shoe, your purse, a child, etc., then learning the Deadlift is for you!

Deadlifting is the most fundamental movement that involves more muscles than any other movement and in today’s world a daily application is invaluable. Deadlifting improves fitness, performance, posture for daily-life tasks, increases and helps balance hormone production.

Understanding that professional athletes and a stay at home mom differ in degree, Not Kind! One needs the functional competence to stay out of the doctor’s office and the other wants functional dominance in the area of their sport.   

You'll leave with:

• Step by step instruction of how to effectively (and safely) perform one of the most impactful exercises in the gym & in your daily life

• We will utilize breathwork and mobilization of the hips, knees and back so you can properly and effectively get into a safe range of motion for YOUR Body.

• Hands-on personal coaching around your technique and goals, so you know what YOU should be working on next

• Guidelines and advice on how to use the deadlift in your personal program and daily life.

Coach: Jimmy McCue, CrossFit Level-1 Coach, CPT, NSCA, Certified Mobility Coach & Somatic Therapist

Bev McC